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Custom Made team wear

NO LIMITS and REDVIL PLUS are the codes for the various options that we offer you to get your unique cycling team clothing. No matter which of the two options you decide you, we accompany you to the finished product and provide all possible assistance, Colours, designs, individuality determine our daily lives and create connections and relationships in the large group and as team. With cycling team of men REDVIL you are on the rightpath, not simple materials and low prices, but highly functional materials at very reasonable prices and thus a very effective way for you and us!

Attention we have special offer ONLY from 31 October until 31 December;

- no design/graphic cost on each order
- for every order we will pack up 10 pair of high quality REDVIL bike socks for free

In the following very specific information on the way to your self-design;

Individual desings - no pre fabrication - we produce your design as desired! It can all design ideas are used as basis. Own designs can also be created on presentation of drawings.

The minimum quantity / order for an article should not be less tha 5 pieces. Smaller quantities available on request, normal with 20 % more cost.
Some products are producible as children´s sizes! Children sizes are available with special discounted prices!

Volume = to get prices in a higher number, category, you can count tops/upper parts to a total number of pieces together; the same shall apply separately for pants. I.e.: 30 short sleeve jersey + 20 long sleeve jersey + 15 vest + 12 winter jacket = 77 piece, so you will get all these articles of the price scale 51 - 99 psc!

The same applies separately for thepants. Repeat order are always available from 5 piece/article (item). Prices according to current price list and quatity, minus 5 % discount.

Its desing is ALWAYS available!

For smaller quantities, you just use the already created designs in our new cataloue "NO LIMITS - PLUS". Do you like the colour of the designs do not we change this to you and you havbe a quick and easy design for your team.

Before an order ist triggered, you can get a collection of the size you want to try on items sent free of charge. That you send to us to try-stamped, return within 14 days. If no return is calculated in the sample collection.

For colour detail necessarily Pantone colour numbers are used, or a pattern piece as a template. HKS + RAL colours can not be used!

All our parts are produced in principle with our brand logo "REDVIL" provided. In the upper parts above the front right and left. All pants are provided with reflector (long pants) and logo printed on the sides right and left.

The usual delivery time shall be 8-10 weeks from the date of confirmation by us remanufactured colur palette and the co-presence; you have completed our order from, without any changes! With receipt of the deposit account in the amount of 50% will begin the term of the contract.

The super new catalogue NO LIMITS + PLUS, you can download here; REDVIL NO LIMITS -custom made (pdf - 4,72 MB).


Preisliste: NO LIMITS TEAM (.pdf - 900kb)

In order to view the document, click on the attachment and it will automatically open the Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, we have specified for the link to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. He takes you automatically to the download page of Adobe. So you can print the document for your records.


If you have more question, please feel free to contact us: huebner@redvil.de

Templates to download: upper parts - jersey s/s + l/s, vest, jackets and so on (jpg - 1,92 MB)
Templates to download: pants  - bike pant short, 3/4, long, suit and so on (jpg - 4,1 MB)






















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