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REDVIL collection


Individual cycling clothing - we offer since July 2016 ALL clubs (cycling) with license Sport following concept for long-term cooperation on;


1. Volume discounts 251-500 pcs for all items which are displayed in the price list, no matter how many units will be ordered. excluded; Racing caps, bandana, gloves, socks.

2. 20% discount if the brand "REDVIL" great addition to shoulders or sides. 10% discount if "REDVIL" is displayed only on the pants back addition.

3. repeat orders at the fixed price as for a first order for at least two years

4. National champion jersey + pants per 1 set free, from class juniors

5. special requests such as inseams on trousers or arm lengths are converted

6. Free choice of different inserts in various sizes and models,

7. Free choice of material compositions in Articles

8. Many children products, starting from size 116, this special child inserts in the children pants

10. Free design workup and modification

11. Product Overview worked in a flyer

12. 5-6 weeks delivery time accurately

13. 4-5 weeks delivery time for reorders

14. Underwear, starting with special children's articles, compression underwear and more. Other products for VK minus 30%, as long as the cooperation is going.

15. Since September 2016 Voted possibility of manufacturing a special AERO Future racing suit on the body shapes of / the carrier / in

16. For the Cylecrossaison we have special Cycle cross suits, warm Zip tight´s, children sizes in the program


1. logo on the website of the Club/ Association showing that we are supplier

2. During the period of cooperation training and competition clothing ordinary cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts will exclusively with us ordered, except

3. Minimal 2-year contract for cooperation.

4. Minimum annual gathering and consultation on the articles, orders etc.

5. Return information about our products as to fit, wear properties etc. by queries on forms

6. Free use of all video and photo materials of the club/association and the provision of


In our NO LIMITS-catalogue for custom made you will found some more information and ideas on the way to your own design.

Our NO-LIMITS-catalogue you can download as PDF file  download or we send them by Post. Wrote us and e-mail to:  REDVIL

You want know more about prices, way of production? Load down our price list  NO LIMITS-price list.
the above price list supersedes all previous price lists. This price list is valid from 01.09.2018 to 31.08.2019.

If you have questions that have been here or in our very detailed price list NO LIMITS still not answered, we are at your disposal. Just send us an e-mail to:  REDVIL



We are willing, if your concept is right and fits us to a certain discount to speak. Ask us about the possibilities of a partnership and cooperation, we can offer you better prices! Provide us unbeatable arguments! In a collaboration, we expect at least 3 years.




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