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Individual cycling wear, custom cycling jerseys, individual cycling jerseys, individual time suits, self-designed ladies' cycling jerseys and trousers, that is our daily work. Turek - REDVIL- is not a simple configurator.

NEWS - On occasion, we would like all speed skating and short track customers u. Interested in this statement. It is in your / your interest to think about it a lot ;-)

2305 professional short track suit WITH design, normal or warm materials possible,  company Turek - REDVIL- 2305 professionalshort track suit WITH dying material, normal one and warm one, company Turek - REDVIL- overview of short track suits, company Turek - REDVIL -  2302 professional long track suit WITH design and special rubber, company Turek - REDVIL_

TOP NEWS: 28.07.18;

AERO, of course we have it, since some years already Zwinkernd
New model + fit at jersey for biking, witch all can be worked with your own design;

bike jerseys - company turek - redvil -

TOP NEWS 28.06.2018, Salzkammegut-Trophy, we offer, exclusiv for the members of race a special collection; "one time hell and back ..", look here;

REDVIL im Gutscheinheft der TROPHY


TOP NEWS 09.01.2018; European Championships in the Short Track, from 12 to 14.01.18, in Dresden, ice rink! We will be on site with our promotional booth. Many thanks to the organizer! Come over and let us know your wishes for the short trackwear :-). The current trailer for the European Championship.


TOP NEWS 28.11.2017; We immediately use DWR coating in our materials which are used in long bib shorts, zips and caps. DWR = - Durable Water Repellent and therefore a coating that make these waterproof or hydrophobic. As the DWR wears off over time, re-treatment is recommended if necessary. Many spraying and dispensing products for treating non-waterproof garments and re-treating waterproof garments that have their water-repellent effect are available from sportswear sources. More in Wikipedia. Therefore, these products are NOT water repellent, as we believe that this can not be 100% guaranteed.

The fact is that it works with up to 30 washes :-)



TOP NEWS 23.11.2017; Endruance finishing for all short bib pants Article is no longer a novelty with us, which currently advertise some Wetbewrwer. Since 2014, we have been relying exclusively on Lyra substances with the Endrauace treatment. An increased higher water repellency, improved abrasion properties, higher wind evacuation and an increased service life with constant breathability.


TOP NEWS 09.11.17; we start in cross-country skiing NEW! With the help of former athletes but also active, we are currently preparing a new collection for custom-made! New models with proven materials.

Various cuts for cross-country shirts and trousers as well as different waist and jacket shapes, variability in materials, modifications as the customer wishes! These points and many more will make the new dimension of our cross-country skiing gear. Designed for the performance sport, can be used for the club u. Hobby sport.  Wait a little while and we'll go online :-)

TOP NEWS 07.10.17; Cyclocross-Land Hamburg and company Turek witrh brand - REDVIL - works together from now.To move children and youngsters to cycling and to give you fun in the sport or only to cycling .. yes there we are ;-). More here

TOP NEWS 11.09.17:

Our new price list NO LIMITS 2017/18 is finished wink. Why post a new price list ... because we have changed several things;
1. new structuring of the articles on the sports
2. New products
3. Clear statements and illustrations of the bets used by us
4. Material presentations, declarations including the country of origin

More here

TOP NEWS 08.+ 15. + 16.05.17: As in every year in July it goes to Bad Goisern to the TROPHY. This year from 14 to 16.07. You will find us with our pavilion in the exhibition grounds.
In the next few weeks there will be some news for the event ... "once hell and back" ... exactly for the clothing.

18.05. the ofer for the complete set: 195,00 EUR!! Look and read here

Top vorgeformt geschnittene Radträgerhose 
	Regenweste Damen/Herren

	Kurzarm-Radtrikot, Damen + Herren

TOP NEWS 22.03.17; Full-bodied cycling pants inserts ... 3 1/2 years ago, 2014, we had the idea that a tire should be able to be produced from a single piece and that it was still fully loaded ... our partner in Italy, the experienced company Dolomiti Pads And began to develop .. since last year in May, these new bets were tested by different drivers! In the beginning of 2016, we will equip pants with these new inserts!
Carried on approx. 22.000 km in different trousers models and different drivers, result: VERY GOOD :-)

TOP NEWS 06.04.17: from 07th until 09th of April we are on the LE-Skate race in Leipzig, if you want meet us.


TOP NEWS 10.03.17; 23.-25.06.17, the German road championchips in Chemnitz, women, U23 and professional

TOP NEWS 14.03.17; Slovakian national team Speedskating ... co-operation
Power, fast running, dynamic and spectacular sports, this is speed skating. After 2016, we are also allowed to produce the running gear for the national team of Slovakia in 2017. Mnohokrát d'akujem!

Speedskating Slovakia federation redvil clothing   Special ladies and gentlemen models, processed with Italian Lycra POWER compression material. For some athletes on request, the zipper on the back, so that the front folds less wrinkles and the suit becomes sleeker


TOP NEWS 09.03.17; TOP NEWS 09.03.17; Already for the second time, we are allowed to produce the racing clothing for the country skiers of the Bavarian Cycling Association. THANK YOU!

Individuelle Radbekleidung der Landeskader des Bayerischen Radsportverbandes von REDVIL, Firma Turek  Individual cycling wear by the Bavarian cycling federation of REDVIL, company Turek Special ladies' articles and inserts are normality as well as the highest demands of the 4D FUTURE Women. Made from one piece, no more gluing, but with a damping system that works in a sophisticated way!
For the young men we use our 4D FUTURE Men insert :-)
I wish you success!

TOP NEWS 07.03.17;Cooperation with the Berlin cycling association ..Berlin, Berlin we drive ..... In the next few years, the squad athletes of the Berlin cycling association will be on the road with new, distinctively designed, wheel wear

.LV Berlin Raceanzug individuelle Radbeklediung REDVIL

TOP NEWS 29.11.; The current articel of the DESG fancollektion with new photos.
S018 - Stirnband DESG Fankollektion, REDVIL


TOP NEWS 18.10.;The first cut-resistant short track suits and normal  ice speed skating suit

we have produced just now for the Germany Federation, for theire D/C squad :-)


overview     over view


TOP NEWS 18.10.; With the new regulations in the mass start for speed skating, cut-resistant underwear or a suit with cut-resistant parts, according to the international standard EN388, must be worn.
We have the alternative, underwear which can be worn under ANY suit, also the so-called "latex" suits!
The upper part, the short trousers and the "Knielinge" are equipped with cut-resistant Dyneema material at the places which are compulsory. The intermediate material is very thin, flexible and very breathable. This underwear, in the right size, does not cause the bulges to arise or deferments or the like!     More about

TOP NEWS, 25.08.; TOP NEWS, 25 August; Olympiasiegerin ..... Olympic games take place every 4 years, so you are 4 years Olympicsiegerin. This is exactly what Kristina Vogel, Team ERDGAS.2012, managed. Kristina won the sprint a few days ago in Rio de Janeiro and won bronze in the team sprint, together with Miriam Welte.

The team ERDGAS.2012 is equipped by my company - company Turek - so it was clear, we will think of something for Kristina ...more

TOP NEWS; From 07 until 10 of July, we are with our booth on event of TROPHY at Bad Goisern, Austria. The biggest MTB event in austria see us and we present for you special socks and special short socks in design of "TROPHY". 3 pairs for only 10EUR (normal you have to pay 30EUR for them). A lot of other things/clothing also, we are happy to see you :-)


TOP NEWS 09.02.16; CARNIVAL ..... Helllllaaaaauuuuuuu

Redvil im Fasching :-)))

TOP NEWS 11.01.16; 6-day race in berlin for the future generation, her with official web page

01.01.16; HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

TOP NEWS 17/11/15;
Speed skating track fan are so often in the cool, cold season on the road, but want to show whose fan you are. Since we have come up with something .. we are curious if you like it
Headband Nederland with Redvil, S018NEDERLAN, men version


TOP NEWS 28/10/15;
Official suppliers and partners of the German speed skating team for cycling clothes
Since 01.10. 2015 the company Turek, with the brand label - REDVIL - official outfitter for the German cycling clothing Skating Team.

Short-sleeved jersey, Design German speed skating national team, full front zip, 3 back pockets and an additional zipped pocket, special cuffs, wide special waistband, twill hugging cut

We are pleased as a young company to get this possibility and to give the athletes on your sporty way during the summer months, help and support and being able to train with functional cycling clothing.

Our first public appearance will be as part of the German Championships in Inzell, at 31.10. and 1:11:15, have, what we are very pleased. More here

Kurzarm-Radtrikot, Design Deutsche Eisschnelllauf-Nationalmannschaft, durchgehender Frontreißverschluss, 3 Rückentaschen und eine zusaetzliche Reißverschlusstasche, spezielle Armabschluesse, breiter spezieller Bundabschluss, köpernaher Schnitt




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