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Costum made individual sportswear in

cycle-cross, triathlon, speed

skating, Long track ice speed skating,

short track, ski cross country skiing,

cross-skating, leisure clothing and

atletics/running with REDVIL sportswear.


Since 14 of September we will not sell again articles over the web shop!! From now
we present the articles only, but we can produce it for you

Since its inception, "Redvil", the brand among the brands for the area individual sportswear in the own design, no longer in Europe. The young and dynamic team develops fresh ideas in design and takes into account the technological novelties in cycling clothing. The company's commitment to the development of the "REDVIL" brand in the field of sportswear is, in many respects, in the widest range of sports. In doing so, suggestions and ideas from the professional field, as well as from the hobby teams and sports enthusiast customers are included. The development and cooperation of our sportswear with the different customers is very important in this context.
Very important to us and we also hope for the customers; We only process European materials and manufacture only in Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany and Italy!
September 2014, the company "Magdalena Turek", with the addition in the company name "REDVIL SPORTSWEAR". There has been NO takeover or continuation of the existing company.
The REDVIL catalog 2015 can be found here. This is currently the last. Since 2016, we are no longer creating a new collection catalog, we are only producing individually

This is probably the basis for short-term success for the brand REDVIL (the one with the devil in the logo). For us, it is secondary whether the energy for the development of new sections and models from our core, the experience with other athletes or perhaps come from "heaven and hell" ... important for us is to produce only one, individual, functional, appropriate and good sports! Not just in cycling, racing and mountain biking REDVIL is the brand in the individual wear in future years. For the further development of sports clothing also refers to the track and field, triathlon, leisure and since end of 2014, NEW ice skating and short track.
Individual cycling clothing, cyclocross, speed skating, long track ice speed skating, short track and triathlon clothing to be considered and further developed in future focus.

Not to mention the quality of our apparel. Since not only the development in Europe has its headquarters, is operated production only in Europe. Quality control is thus ensured. Quality is good - control is better.

Whether it is our little "devil", the face of the hardships of the last 1,000 feet or wrinkled all, now you love it or not, he has exhausted itself and is looking forward to the next race - here that is always ran to the nearest individual sports collection

Let yourself be inspired by the individual articels of our sports collection and ideas. For questions and suggestions, the team of company Turek - "REDVIL" is always there for you.

	short bib pant, SACHSEN

Product No.: 222CSAX

	Rain-wind vest

Rain-wind vest

Product No.: 310redvilhell

	Short sleeve jersey man/women

Product No.: 190redvilhell